Gzuz und die Frauen

Gzuz und die Frauen (2020)

Actress, Vl, Vc, Acc, Pn

6 min


22 January 2020: Ensemble Wiener Collage

Arnold-Schönberg-Center, Schwarzenbergpl. 6, 1030 Wien

Written for a concert under the title Jesus and women, this work replaces the Christian Jesus with the German rapper Gzuz as a celebrity in the modern society and an idol for many young people. This work serves as a critique on the role of women portrayed in some parts of the Hip-Hop culture on the one hand (Gzuz was found guilty for assaulting his former girlfriend), and, on the other, it criticizes media for portraying a whole culture as sexist and violent to generate attention and clicks. The victims in this conflict—the women—are forced to remain silent, while violent artists and media profit from their misery. In this piece, the victims are portrayed by the actress, who is constantly interrupted by the ensemble. Every time she wants to say something, the music stops her from doing so. During the piece, the actress becomes more and more insecure and finally she decides to remain silent.

The music itself uses a lot of techniques known from Hip-Hop music, like scratches and cuts, and is trying to pay respect to an often undervalued form of art.