Poppies in July

Poppies in July (2018)

Soprano (solo)

Fl, Ob, Cl, BCl

Hrn, Trp, Trb

2 Perc, Hrp Pn

6 Speakers

Vl 1, Vl 2, Vla, Vc

6 min

This work is based on the poem of the same title written by Sylvia Plath, in which deep hurt and pain is expressed, even touching upon self-harm. In the piece, I portray the lyrical subject as a very passive voice, since heavy depressions, which Sylvia Plath was known for, often result in a disconnect with one’s own emotions. The ensemble, on the other hand, starts very actively, representing the actual inner life but being disconnected from the voice. Only at the end does the ensemble get calmer and calmer, thus reconnecting to the subject.